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Warm and Dry Homes specialises in a wide array of heating and ventilation options that will not only keep you and your family warm, dry and healthy, but will protect and preserve your property for years to come.

Warm and Dry Homes recognises the needs of the modern, contemporary home owner. For decades New Zealanders have tolerated living in conditions that the rest of the developed world would consider sub-standard. Here at Warm and Dry Homes, we specialise in a wide array of heating and ventilation options that not only keep you and your family warm, dry, healthy and comfortable, but also protect and preserve our properties from costly repairs for years to come. Warm and Dry Homes is also proud to be associated with Mike Greer Homes and has completed several show home installations.

The Warm and Dry Homes mission is to improve the health and well being of New Zealanders by promoting warm, dry and healthy living environments. The results of our work reduce instances of respiratory illness and sickness, leading to a better, healthier life for everyone.



Underfloor Heating Heat your entire home from the floor up with efficient heat pump powered underfloor heating. Underfloor Heating »
Central Heat Pumps When it comes to a total home heating solution, you simply can’t go past a central heat pump. Central Heat Pumps »
Ventilation Systems Keep your home and loved ones comfortable, healthy and dry, right throughout the year. Ventilation Systems »
Reduce your monthly eletricity bills by using renewable energy from the Sun. Solar Energy Systems »
Heat Pump Radiators Enjoy energy efficent radiant heat with modern designer heat pump powered radiators. Heat Pump Radiators »
Heat Transfer Systems Make the most out of your existing log burner with a Warm and Dry Homes heat transfer system. Heat Transfer Systems »
Kitchen Rangehoods Get rid of unwanted noise while maintaining or even improving extraction capacity. Kitchen Rangehoods »
Assorted ceiling, wall and exterior grilles; materials, tapes and sealants for DIY installation. Parts & Supplies »


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