Ducted Heat Pumps

Central Heat Pumps

No doubt you have encountered somebody hailing from Europe or North America who has bragged about the virtues of central heating. They tell us tales of boilers and radiators that keep homes toasty during even the harshest of winters.

These same people also find it incredible that here in Aotearoa we have failed to grasp the central heating concept, and largely have only an isolated heat source, usually in our living room, while the rest of our house wallows in low temperatures.

Warm and Dry Homes is pleased to offer a large range of central heat pumps, specially designed to adequately warm our entire homes from front door to back bedroom. Imagine waking up in the dead of winter to a house that feels like a summer’s day, or coming home in the evenings to a house already heated to the point of absolute comfort. At Dry Homes, we can turn this dream into reality.

We also offer a free design service which matches your home to an appropriately sized Fujitsu heat pump, which is typically mounted in the roof space. We then custom design a system based on your preferences, supplying heating to where ever you would like it.

So whether you are building a new home or looking to improve your current one, when it comes to a total home heating solution, you simply can’t go past a central heat pump.

Sample Ducted Heat Pump Layout

Central Heat Pump Ducting Sample

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