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Heat Pump Powered Radiators

Our heat pump powered radiators have been designed and tested to address the specific needs of residential and light commercial buildings. They are guaranteed to work down to -15°C outdoor temperature and provide warmth and comfort even on the coldest days. Plus, during the warm summer months they can be used to cool your home.

Our radiators are powered by heat pump technology and offer many advantages over other sources of heat in particular efficiency - returning up to 400% energy gains. Heat Pumps are simple to operate and very low maintenance. Our systems are easily programmed and tell the heat pump exactly what to do and when to do it.

Contemporary Design

Our Purmo radiators are manufactured to the highest British standards and offer a number of elegant styles to match any home’s internal beauty and ambience.

Purmo Delta H Radiator

The Delta H are fully laser welded, steel column radiators. These have very low dust emission and are easy to clean.

Purmo Ramo Ventil Radiator

The Ramo Ventil has a sectioned front, straight side panels and a decorative top grille.

Purmo Plan Ventil Radiator

The Plan Compact Ventil combines the timeless elegance of a perfectly flat front with the advantages of an integrated valve connection.

Note: The standard radiator colour is White (RA 9016). Special colour items are made to order and are supplied direct from Europe.

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