Heat Pump Powered
Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Systems radiate warmth from the floor up as opposed to most other forms of heating that create a build up of heated air at ceiling height. Radiant warmth heats the floor, the carpet, the furniture, the walls and you, rather than heating just the air. Our radiant underfloor heating systems distribute heat evenly across the room for high personal comfort. Because there's no air movement, there are no drafts around your feet or down your neck. They also maintain lower humidity levels that make for a more comfortable home.

Radiant heated floors use around 30% less energy than most air heating systems to deliver the same comfort level. The ceiling temperature is actually 2-3 degrees lower than the floor temperature, so there's less leakage from stacked heat.


Heat Pump Efficiency

Our radiant floors are powered by Heat Pump. Heat Pumps offer many advantages over other sources of heat in particular efficiency - returning up to 400% energy gains. Heat Pumps are simple to operate and very low maintenance. Our systems are easily programmed and tell the heat pump exactly what to do and when to do it.

In addition, the same Heat Pump used to heat our radiant floors can also heat domestic hot water and be paired with ceiling cassette units and radiators for additional heating or cooling over the warmer summer months.

Retrofited Into Existing Homes

Until recently the benefits of an underfloor heating system have only been available in new home builds. However Warm and Dry Homes can now retrofit underfloor heating into existing homes - both old and new. The retrofitting system we offer is well proven, being used extensively throughout Europe.

The Retrofitting Process:

  1. The existing floor covering is first removed

  2. Next a closed cell foam layer (approx 38mm thick) is applied to the existing slab

  3. Metal trays are then placed on top of the foam and heating pipes are laid within furrows in the trays

  4. Finally, cement board (for carpeting or tiling) is placed on top of the metal trays

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